What You Got? How To Be Content

It’s never easy to be content, especially if you see that others have more things or have better lives than you. And if you have the means to be just like  those who you envy, then it becomes harder. This is human nature; even if you frequently attend a non-denominational church in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, this will always remain a struggle.

That, however, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. After all, one of the most important concepts of Christianity is overcoming the self, and the self is not one to be easily satisfied. And with that, here are a few steps to help you fight this difficult battle within.

See What’s Important

Before you go off and try to get the same thing you saw from the people around you or an advertisement, try to take a step back first and ask yourself if you really need it or if it will greatly improve your way of life. If it would, then you should go get it. But if it really won’t affect how you live, then it would be best to re-examine your motives why you want to get whatever it is you want to have.

This, of course, is not limited to material possessions. It can also be about career, power, and influence. Ask yourself: in order for me to be happy, do I really need to get so high up in that career ladder? Do I really have to be able to exert pressure on other people? Do I really need to have connections? Only you have the answer to those questions.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

It’s natural for us to compare ourselves with other people, especially if we see that they seem to be enjoying life. This becomes even truer whenever we don’t seem to be doing okay ourselves. What we fail to remember, however, is that they are human just like us. They have their own problems, and only they and those around them know how difficult those problems are. After all, people usually tend to keep their struggles private.

Live One Day at a Time

Perhaps you’re not really envious of other people, but instead you’re looking forward to the future a little bit too much, to a time when you think you already have everything you want – or think you want, at least – only to end up realizing that they should’ve learned how to be content in whichever phase of life they are already in.

A lot of people, when they were kids, wanted to grow up so they can have their freedom, only to find out that fending for yourself is much harder than being a kid. They started school eager to graduate so they can already get a job, until they arrive at the world of work and realize that it’s a much harder part of life.

There’s nothing wrong with anticipating what lies ahead. But don’t be too excited with what lies in store for you that you zoom past the present and fail to appreciate it, because you can never go back.

You won’t always have what you want in life. That’s okay though, because the key to being content isn’t getting what you want, but wanting what you got. And to be contented means to be happy.

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