“Think First, Act Later”: How to Make Wise Decisions

Ask anyone in an evangelical church in Dubai, “Do you think about each of your actions before you do them?”. Very few people will say yes and actually mean it; it’s likely that more people will admit that no, they do not think about each action before doing it. Admittedly, that seems like such a tedious task, doesn’t it? Having to think about every step seems like being overly cautious and not taking any risks!

There’s no need to think about every single action before doing it. All we really need to do is know how to make wise important decisions. How do we do that?

Identify your goal

Take out all the factors first: what is your main goal for this decision? If there is more than one and they are contradicting, identify which one is your priority and accept that you cannot have both. When you identify your main goal, it’s easier to make the best decisions necessary if you keep this in mind.

Consider all possible choices

Sometimes it’s not very clear what the choices are, just that you have to make them. Brainstorm and try to figure out all the possible choices. There could still be a workaround for things that seem impossible, it’s all a matter of thinking outside the box!

Consider all the possible consequences

After considering all the possible choices you can make, you also need to think of the possible consequences of each decision. What are the pros and cons? What are the risks? Will you be able to deal with the cons? This is such a simple concept but often overlooked!

Ask people

If you think you’re too close to the situation to make logical decisions, try to ask the opinion of friends or family members who have your best interest at heart. It would be best to ask a neutral party, who has nothing to gain or lose from your decision. This way you can be sure that their opinions are unbiased. It would also be wise to ask someone you know who has already made decisions for similar situations and see how it turned out for them.

Don’t give in to temptation

There are times when you know it’s a bad decision, but you are so inclined to make it. Sound familiar? It is not uncommon for us to end up in situations wherein the thing we want to do is actually the wrong thing to do. In cases like this, we have to make the conscious effort to remind ourselves that sin is not our master, and we are perfectly capable of walking away from temptation. The trick here is to not even entertain the thought: just walk away. Just walk away.

Accept that you can’t completely avoid consequences

In some cases, even the best decision will have its repercussions. You’re just going to have to live with it. After all, the saying ‘you can’t please everybody’ also goes for yourself: there will be times that you just can’t please yourself. It’s best to get it over with and move on.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll see the rewards of being able to make wise decisions. It will be much more convenient, you’re less prone to make mistakes and deal with the consequences, and you’ll be able to grow as a person each time.

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