The High Road: 4 Steps To Help You Become Wiser

Whether you attend an evangelical church in Dubai or a place of worship of a different Christian sect, wisdom is one of the most important traits a person should have. With it, a person can do the right thing even in the most difficult situations. However, it’s never easy to gain such an important and admirable attribute.

Still, difficult is not impossible. Those who are wise know that, and those who wish to be wise believe that. And whichever of the two you may be, you should know that there is always more room for greater wisdom. So without further ado, here are a few steps that can help you become a wiser person.

Read the Bible

It sounds awfully cliché, but it’s true: reading the Bible makes a person wiser. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, the Bible is a great source of lessons that are not just spiritual, but also personal and practical.

In addition, the Bible, whether you believe in its stories or not, teaches us important things aside from wisdom like kindness, love, righteousness, hard work, and obedience. Without all these things, it’s impossible to be wise.

Read a Lot

The Bible is undoubtedly a great book, but there are other books you can also learn from. But don’t just read anything and everything – you should choose which books you should read. So, which ones should be part of your personal library? Those with substance.

Read about the lives of those who have affected history for the better.  Read tips on how to live frugally. Read about success stories. Read on how you can have an impact on the people around you, or even to the world.

Learn from Your Experiences

Throughout our entire lives, we gain experiences. They can be good, bad, happy, sad, and so many things in between. Either way, however your experiences may be described as, they have greatly helped build who you are today. Therefore, whatever the nature of your experiences may be, you should get some lessons from it. This is especially true with negative experiences, as it will help you do better next time.

Surround Yourself with Wise People

A wise man once said “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” While it may seem a bit of an exaggeration, as it’s impossible to tell who a person truly is just by the people he or she issurround with, it’s undeniable that a person’s circle can somehow tell a few of his or her facets. Aside from that, it’s also a well-known truth that friends influence you for better or worse.

If that’s the case, then being with wise people can help you become wiser. Talk to them, ask them for advice, spend time with them, have them share their experiences with you – do these things and you’ll find yourself with more nuggets of wisdom than before.

You may not be the most intelligent person there is, but that’s okay, because anyone can be wise. And it is the wise who bring forth the greatest positive change both in the people around them and the world.

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