Seeking Balance Between Work and Family

Most of us can agree that it is not easy balancing our duties to both our work and our family. With the stress of juggling all the demands of our professional and personal life, it can leave any person stressed out and drained. It leaves you feeling exhausted about having to struggle between busying yourself with work and spending time with your family. You know that once you turn your back on one, the guilt of missing out on a lot of family activities or waiting for work to accumulate and pile up, that you just need to stop this divided attention as soon as possible.

The pastors at Mosaic Church Dubai, a growing Christian church in Dubai, highly believe in properly managing your time and responsibilities to be able to balance both family duties and work. There are circumstances that you will have to make choices properly and make some sacrifices that need to be done to reach a work-life balance.


Balancing work and family does not only mean dividing your time equally between duties. There will be times when you will be required to do one first over the other. The key here is to re-prioritize. You need to do a breakdown of what seems equally important. If your tasks involve other people, ask when they need your help and then organize them accordingly.

Of course family concerns, especially those that are urgent should be prioritized no matter what. However, some people think that holding back somewhere means that whatever is the direst situation will get more of your attention. But this will only teach your family to reach out to you when there’s a crisis. By re-prioritizing, as Andy Stanley puts it, you’re “cheating” the system. You will be able to get behind work for a little while to spend time with your family, and then jump right back into it without sacrificing work quality.

Asking for Help

One of the problems adults have is always trying to do tasks themselves, both in work and family matters. Being independent is always a good thing, but you also have to consider that you have limits and it extends to your family as well. Admitting that you need help can be freeing. It may be difficult to do so, but being both a parent and an employee is a responsibility that shouldn’t reach the border of neglect. There will be times when we will need help and ask for assistance to ensure that our family gets the care that they need, or that our work is done properly.

Having Time for Yourself

It’s likely that you’re stressing out about not being able to meet everyone else’s needs. So it goes without saying that before you can take care of everyone you love and your career, you will have to take proper care of yourself first. When you re-prioritize, make sure that you allot time to relax and take a break. Give yourself time to recover and think of new habits in managing your time better.

Letting Go of the Guilt

Letting go of your guilt, from not being able to exert the effort in spending time with your family as well as performing well in your professional life, is the easiest thing you can do. Why dwell on past mistakes when you can do better and make it right? You do not need to waste any more time in living with the guilt. Take a step forward to the present. Live in it and start from there. You will be happier once you do so.

You do make sacrifices in order to keep a good balance in your career and with your family. This comes with the understanding of the need to focus your time and energy to the things that really matter. It is also important that you enjoy the time with both aspect of your lives.

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