Right In The Eye: A Copycat “Good Life”

Human beings learn by mimicking other people’s behavior. There is, however, a downside to it – sometimes we copy exactly the way other people live. Then again, why not? After all, it worked for them, so it would turn out the same for you, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately and fortunately, that isn’t the case. And sometimes, it takes a Christian church in Dubai for you to know that.

Same Old Envy

In fact, this problem goes way back to the Bible times, in the Old Testament. There was a time in Israel’s history when they didn’t have a king, but they had God to watch over them and the Judges to make sure that the Israelites followed the law. The people, however, thought that it was a flawed form of government simply because none of the neighboring countries that they wanted to emulate. So instead of what God had ordained things to be, they wanted a king as well. And aside from having a mortal ruler rather than a heavenly one, they also wanted to do the same things the nearby empires did – follow the same norms, practice the same rites, and worship the same idols. So they did.

This, however, did not turn out as well as they thought it would. Because if we look back to the story of Israel you will see that after worshipping the same bloodthirsty false gods and goddesses of the Canaanites, they were captured by the very people they imitated.

Not As Good As You Think

So, how does this relate to us? That is because sometimes, at many points in our lives, we too become just like the Israelites, who are always looking at others, always trying to imitate the very path others are taking. This is because there are a lot of times when we think that the people around us lead a life that is much better than ours. And because of this mindset, the first thing we think of doing is by imitating what they are doing. After all, if it worked for them, then it must work for you, right? Well, most of the time, no. In fact, it is a lot less likely to work for you, for it is their life and not yours; the things and actions that lead them to their success and happiness may not lead to your own.

Besides, more often than not, the good lives we think other people are experiencing are usually not as good as they actually are. This is because we are only seeing the good things and are completely oblivious of the bad. After all, it’s impossible to have a life that only has highs and no lows. And since we don’t know the downsides to their lives, we get blindsided when we copy theirs.

God has designed a life specially for us, one that He promised to lead to everything that is good for us. And we cannot experience such a life if all we do is follow others.

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