Right in the Eye: Made to be Ruled

Even until now, philosophers still debate whether there truly is an absolute freedom or not. From what is being taught in modern Christian churches in Dubai and everywhere in the world, however, there is no such thing; that means doing whatever with whomever, wherever, and whenever you want to isn’t the right way to live.

Aside from the fact that such a way of life is destructive, it’s literally impossible, because doing what you want with complete disregard for consequences and other people doesn’t mean freedom. In fact, that means being subjected by ugly yet powerful “kings”.

Heeding Joshua’s Words

To illustrate this point, let us go to Joshua 24: 14-16. In these verses, Joshua instructed the Israelites to fear the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts and asked them to choose which gods they will choose to obey – the one true God or the false idols, which are either the ones their ancestors or the Amorites served. The Israelites, realizing the goodness of the Lord, vowed to abide by Joshua’s words and obeyed Him.

But considering the Israelites’ relationship with God – one that is a cycle of faithfulness and unfaithfulness – it didn’t take long before they broke the vow they made and emulated the religion and culture of the Canaanites. They served Baal and Asthoret, gods who demanded blood sacrifice, and practiced sexually immoral rituals. And because they broke their covenant with God, He sold them off to the very people they idolized.

To Be Ruled

So, why is this related to the wrongness of doing anything you choose to do whenever, wherever, and with whoever you want to? Because the things we want to do that are not aligned with God’s will are like little kings that take control of our lives. And they will only able to do that if we relinquish God’s power over us. You see, God created us to be ruled by Him. And if we are not being ruled by Him, then we will be ruled by different principalities – greed, sloth, lust, pride, just to name a few. We let ourselves be controlled by these things because they allow us to do the things we want and the things that we think and feel are good for us.

Without Mercy

What people don’t realize, however, is that these kings are nothing like the One True King. Unlike Him, they are evil. They may seem kind because they permit you to do whatever things you please, you will someday realize that the very things they have allowed you to commit had already run you to the ground. At worst, the damage they have let you do to yourself could be so great that it can no longer be reversed.

Thankfully, God offers freedom from all of these things, these kings. Through His grace and mercy, He can save us from ourselves. And when we let ourselves be covered under his rule, He is more than able and willing to free us from the self-destructive power of these principles over us.

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