Right in the Eye: A Strong Man’s Weakness

What do you do when your body tells you to do something your heart tells you is wrong? Which one do you follow? Let’s be honest – for a lot of us, when the two are locked in a struggle, it’s the body that wins. That, however, shouldn’t be the case, as decisions in life that involve this conundrum will either make or break you.

Even pastors from a non-denominational church in Dubai understand that it’s never an easy battle, but it has to be won. After all, sex is one of the greatest things that affects our lives.

It’s Just That

But it’s just sex, right? One hour, one night, one weekend – how could it have that much of an impact in your life? You may not know or understand how, but choosing wrongly can cost us our rightful destiny as great men and women. A good example of this would be Samson.

Besides Being The Strongest

Samson is a popular character from the Bible. In fact, his story is one of the most favorite, recognizable, and popular story there is. But most of the people who are familiar with his tale only know that he is an unbelievably strong man who defended the Israelites against the Philistines until he was betrayed by Delilah and died along with his enemies; only a few remember the details of his birth and how his amazing strength came to be.

Samson was a son to Manoah, a man from the tribe of his wife. And just like many important figures in biblical history, he was born to a couple who find it hard to bear a child. Thankfully, Manoah’s wife was visited by an angel of God, telling them that they will have a son who is destined to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. Manoah’s wife, however, had to take a Nazirite vow – this meant abstaining from alcoholic beverages, cutting one’s hair, and the refusal to touch anything dead. She abided by it, thus Samson was born.

As he grew up, Samson fought against the Philistines, and has prevailed over them time and again because of his immense strength which came from the Nazarite vow he had to take as long as he live. But even the strongest man is still a man, and the greatest weakness of man is a woman.

Enchanted and Enfeebled

Before Delilah, Samson’s ultimate downfall, he already had a liking for Philistine women. At that time, the Israelites were forbidden to marry anyone who is not of their tribe, as it would “dilute” the worship of God with that of false idols. Samson did not adhere to this, so in went Delilah. He loved her, but he did not know that she was sent by the Philistines to lure Samson and bring him to them.

We all know how the story goes – she succeeded, and it’s all because Samson, Israel’s strongest man, a devout follower of God who abided by the Nazarite vow until his hair was cut by Delilah, chose the wrong love, the wrong woman. He didn’t guard his heart and his body, so he met his doom. Though he was restored by God, as he was able to destroy the temple he was being sacrificed in and took with him thousands of Philistines, he could’ve lived longer and done greater things if he did what was right.

Samson’s life and feats were nothing short of astounding, so much so that people who know him want to be like him. But nobody wants to end up like him, betrayed and shamed. Therefore, let us learn from his example and be wise when choosing between what our body and our heart is telling.

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