Respect and Honor: For the Love of Women

Despite all the progress of feminism has made, it is still a man’s world. In terms of numbers, men still dominate women in many industries, there are still more men than women who hold high-tier positions, and a lot of women still experience harassment and disrespect. The modern Christian church in Dubai and every single one of us needs to help the men understand that they need to be a lot more careful, sensitive, and respectful towards women.

This brings us to the main point: if you are a man, then you should respect and be sensitive towards women. That respect and sensitivity should not be limited to your mother, sister, and friends, but should also extend towards female strangers, and most importantly, your significant other, whether you’re still just dating her, your girlfriend, or your wife.

Don’t Do As the Romans Do

You might be saying  that kind of treatment towards women should be common sense. Well, back in the day, it’s not. Because when the Roman Empire was still in power, women weren’t treated like commodity – they actually were commodities. Many of them were either slaves or prostitutes.  And since men can have sex with those women, a lot of them were thinking “why marry in the first place?”

To them, marriage was a hassle, because it meant taking care of the wife and children, and spending and splitting their wealth with them. To make matters worse, prostitution and having mistresses were common at that time, which led to the men neglecting their wives. And last but definitely the most horrible of all would be the killing of baby girls right after they were born. That was the status quo. Thankfully though, three men of God stood up against that gross disrespect towards women: Jesus, Peter, and Paul.

A Man Who Loves All Women

In that dark age for women, Christ and his followers Peter and Paul showed respect towards women unlike any other. Jesus told everyone to love one another, no exceptions – that, of course, includes the women. And part of that love is respect, and that means men should respect each and every woman they will encounter in their life.

Then Paul came along and gave that respect, reverence, and love towards women with a more marital context by telling the men to love their wives as much as Jesus loved the Church. And how much did Jesus love the Church? Enough to die for it. It is crystal clear and there’s no going around it – men must love their wives to the point that they are willing to die for her.

And last but not least was Peter. Peter, one of the greatest apostles there is. What was he caught doing? Talking to a woman. Not only that – he was letting her, a Samaritan woman of all women, get a drink first before he does. It may not be a big deal during our time, but in theirs it was, for they considered women as non-people. And to talk to a woman and be allowed to have water first – that woman definitely would’ve felt honored.

An Honorable Love

In 1 Corinthians 13: 5, it is said that love does not dishonor. And that’s what men must do – to never dishonor any woman, most especially their beloved woman, regardless of how far along they are in the relationship. After all, God died for women and men, and it’s only right that you respect, honor, and love women, especially the one who is destined to be with you for the rest of your life.

Before you loved your wife, God loved her first. Before she loved you, God loved you first. Therefore, with the same love that God has given us as an example, man and woman should love one another as husband and wife. And part of that love is respect.

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