Remote Controlled: Letting Pride Control Your Life

Money isn’t always the root of all problems. Sometimes it’s something within us. It is unnoticeable yet so invasive and rapidly growing, and it can do so much damage to our relationship with God, others, and our selves. It makes you think that it pulls you up even though all it does is drag you down. This is what we call Pride.

People from all walks of life, whether they’re from a university in California or an evangelical church in Dubai, can be weighed down by this debilitating sin. And no matter how you refuse to admit it, you have it too. It may not be in a degree that is detrimental, but it’s there.

The Pride That Does You No Good

There’s a kind of pride that makes you feel good about winning an award and holding your head high for all the people who helped you achieve it. However, there’s also a pride that hurts both you and other people. This kind of pride makes it hard for us to admit weaknesses and losses – thing that are very much a part of the human experience and can help us grow. But most especially, it makes it hard for us to be happy for other people because we feel that they are one-upping us even if they’re not.

Pride Hinders Honesty

Pride stifles our ability to come to terms with your own shortcomings. And because of that, you find it hard to be honest to others as well. Driven by pride, we become more than willing to do almost anything – even the wrong ones – just to save face. If you have pride and you think you have a shameful past, you’d lie – a sin – in order to protect yourself. If you are full of pride and you know that you are going to lose, you’d rather cheat – an act that intends to deceive or even harm others.

Pride Pushes God and Others Out

There can only be so much room for your own self in your heart, and pride makes it bigger, making the room for God and others smaller and smaller until they are totally pushed out. It happens so discreetly and little by little that you don’t see it, until you begin to realize that others already find it difficult to reach out to you and vice versa. No one, not even prideful people, wants an unfortunate fallout like that to occur, but that’s what pride does.

Jesus – An Example against Pride

So, how do you stop such a pervasive sin in your life? Perhaps it would be better to ask who did, and the answer would be Jesus. Whether you are a Christian or not, Jesus serves as a role model when it comes to humility.

Jesus changed what it means to be great. Before his arrival, it used to be about being served; then he selflessly served others, turning service into the measure of greatness. And to him, it didn’t matter who’s wrong; what was important to him was reconciliation. His selflessness, his focus on God and others instead of himself, made a world of difference that killed his own pride and inspired others to do the same.

It’s never easy to kill pride. It’s strong and it masks itself. But if you look unto Jesus instead of yourself, you can and you will.

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