Unity in Diversity: Mosaic Church Dubai as a Non-Denominational Church

In all parts of the world, Faith has always been a major elevating factor in a society in terms of building good social character, connecting relationally and growing spiritually. It is also one of the things that unify each and every one of us. But that may be untrue for some, as religions, despite the good they have brought, have caused a certain level of divide among a lot of people, even those that share the same faith. Non-denominational churches, however, seek to change that usual notion.

Openness in Differences

While religious denominations are subgroups within a religion that follows a set of rules, guidelines, and traditions; non-denominational churches on the other hand, do not have any formal allegiance to a religious organization or denomination. They tend to deviate from specific traditions that religious denominations practice.

Because of non-denominational churches’ lack of obligation to answer to any traditional Christian denomination structure, they are able to provide an environment that fosters open-mindedness towards a broader spiritual belief and acceptance of all spiritual philosophies of the Christian perspective. In addition, they also give off an identity that allows for spiritual independency and institutional freedom. Because its charismatic leaders and the church itself is given the freedom to do things according to the teachings of the Bible without the rules of a religious denomination, it opens up numerous possibilities for creating potential on theological innovation due to its structure and cultural freedom.

As Our Name Suggests

Mosaic Church Dubai is a good example of such a community. True to our name, which means an image that is formed by the assembly of small materials of different sizes and shapes, we are a thriving non-denominational Christian organization in one of the most culturally and racially diverse cities in the world.

Dubai, one of the most beautiful and economically powerful cities in the world and the Middle East, has needed expatriates ever since its boom. Because of this demand, it has become a melting pot of people from all over the world due to its need of expatriates. And we here at Mosaic aim to provide the spiritual needs of these men and women whatever denomination they may be in – or even not at all.

A Mission in Unity

Because of the great ethnic differences of our members, our church embraces racially diverse cultures, providing them a welcoming environment and a socially accepting community under the guidance of God. And with the privilege of established independency, Mosaic Church aims to build a strong community of devoted individuals to spread the love and the teachings of God.

And ultimately, we aim to establish a congregation that is united out of faith in God and love for both Him and our neighbors. As one of our saying goes, “Life is better connected”, for we believe that connecting with other people and building healthy relationships are one of the five things that God uses to help us grow, because you cannot grow spiritually without connecting relationally. By this, we are able to explore truth and support and care for one another through prayer.

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