A Modern Christian Church Perspective

There’s a stigma that has been associated with Christians. They are old-fashioned, traditional, and conservative. They say that Christians are wary of modernization and are always hesitant to accept new ideas or technological advances to move forward and to adapt to a changing world.

Using Modernization to Spread the Word of God

Mosaic Church Dubai deviates from these misconceptions. As a modern Christian church we believe that advances in technology can be used to reach out to a lot of people and build relationships with them. It helps the church deliver the church’s sermons in a widespread program. This is why we stand by our saying that life is better connected.

With the utmost intention of advancing God’s teachings to all parts of the world, technology has helped in spreading the word of the Christian church during these modern times. The use of media like podcasts, video series, and blogs on past sermons has been helpful for us to deliver the messages of God. There are great sources of sermons that are almost easily available for anyone to watch and listen

We use it as a form of communication to reach out to other parts of the world and carry out the values the church upholds, which can now be done efficiently and effortlessly. And in today’s time, it is more likely valuable to use our technology to help encourage the adults as well as the young people to be more involved in His teachings.

Respecting New Ideas for Different Social Conditions

Another Reason why Mosaic Church Dubai considers itself to be a modern Christian church is in how we value the different perspectives of our members. We acknowledge that each and every member has their own interpretation of God’s message. We believe that we can learn from each other’s differences. It’s a way of sharing and gaining values on a broader sense of understanding. Imagine a larger scale of teachings and learning all gathered through the use of technology, because without God the values of a single person is often defined by what the society gathers it up to be.

The modern Christian church acknowledge that with the changes in social conditions there is a need to pause and reflect what this means about the Christian faith. The youth live in a different environment, one that has allowed them to express themselves. But they are also being hammered down and hindered by thoughts and ideas that have not progressed with the times. Our youth is filled with vigor and enthusiasm for the future, and Mosaic Church Dubai wants to provide a community for the youth where they will not hesitate nor will they be scared to express their ideas about the world.

A Community United in Our Love for God

We are a church that is guided by the teachings of the Bible, and we want the members of our community to express their love for God and for life, and their understanding of the Bible in a way that they see fit. We also want to provide a place for spiritual growth by learning from each other’s understanding of the word of God and how they apply what they have learned in their lives.

Mosaic as a modern Christian church in Dubai wants to fulfill a mission: to connect each person by faith and by love of God, and the life that He has given us.

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