Marriage and Commitment: What “I Do” Truly Means

You’ve heard this question a thousand times before, both in real life and in movies: “do you take this (man/woman) to be your lawfully wedded (husband/wife), for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health?” Unless this is a rom-com, a romantic drama, or a bizarre yet possible real-life situation, then there’s only one answer: “I do.” And now that the two have said their vows to each other, it’s a certainty that they’re going to have a good and lasting marriage, right? Wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether the wedding was held in a pristine white sand beach or a modern Christian church in Dubai; if either or both newlyweds don’t have that one thing to make them able to keep their promise, then that marriage is going to fail. No one who has already tied the knot or wants to do so in the future wants that to happen. So if you’re either of the two, then we ask that you  read up to make sure that your vows remain unbroken.

Commitment = Overrated

Don’t get it twisted; commitment is important. However, a commitment is only as good as the ability to uphold it, and preparation is one of those things. Unfortunately, a lot of newlyweds lack preparation. After all, if you do not have what it takes to fulfill all the things you said during your wedding day, then you will unintentionally break them.

That is what happens to a lot of married people. They’re honest men and women who either have or had tried their very hardest to keep them, but because they weren’t prepared to back up their talk, they fail at it. It’s not that they thought that they don’t need to prepare for married life; it’s just that they didn’t know that they have to.  And once they find out that they do, it’s sometimes too late.

Changing Your Ways

One of the most important ways a person can prepare for married life is by changing his or her ways. These are a person’s habits, choice of words, actions, likes and dislikes; these are the things that define a person, the things that make him or her predictable in a way. And it is very important for you to take note of your ways, and change them if need be, before you get married. After all, you’ll be sharing the rest of your life with someone and will be building a family with him or her, so it’s only right that you calibrate your ways in such a way that you’ll be able to peacefully and joyously live with the most important people in your life and fulfill your responsibilities for and towards them.

Dealing with Issues

As what has been said before, some marriage issues are not actually marriage issues, but instead are actually issues from peoples’ single lives that were brought into a marriage. And when not dealt with properly, these can cause a lot of trouble for couples and families.

Maybe you have issues with your parents, friends, or past relationships. Maybe, because of them, you became untrusting, worrisome, or distant – some of the few things that you a hard time interacting with your spouse.  Therefore, before you tie the knot, make sure that it will not be brought into the marriage by dealing with it and confronting it. And remember that your friends, family, and spouse-to-be will always be there if you need support.

Marriage is a commitment, and commitments mean just as much as both parties’ ability to keep it. So before you say “I do”, make sure that you mean it and you can fulfill what those two words truly mean.

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