Leading in Uncertain Times

The only thing certain in this world is uncertainty. It may seem paradoxical, but it’s true. After all, no one can accurately predict the problems that can arise in the future. It comes to anyone or any group, be it a non-denominational church in Dubai or an international non-government non-profit organization.

Uncertainties are times of difficulties, of great challenge – times when leaders, men and women with vision, have to step up and inspire their followers to come together in weathering the hardships that will come. It’s no easy feat, but it can definitely be done by taking these points in heart and mind.

You’ve Been There Before

Unless you’re a fledgling organization, then you have been through uncertainties before, and you should be comforted and proud of that fact. And even though the crises you’re facing now or will be facing in the future are completely different from those in the past, the fact that you and your team went through something as difficult – or even more – in the past as what you are experiencing right now can give you more confidence that you and your team can definitely overcome once again.

Continue on What Works

No matter how strong the wind of uncertainty is blowing, don’t be fazed; just keep doing whatever you have been doing that works. In fact, if it’s been proven effective, don’t just keep at it – do them better and harder.

A good metaphor for this would be Pastor Andy Stanley’s experience on white water rafting. He said that when the current becomes so strong and the boat is about to tip over, don’t hold on to the sides of the boat. Instead, hold on to the oars and tough it out. Same goes with leading groups through uncertainties: there’s nothing wrong with bracing for impact, but it’s better to stick to your guns as well.

Flexibility is Survival

Adapt or cease to be – one of the many laws of nature. This aphorism, however, applies not only to plants and animals, but also to organizations. When your team, church, or company gets hit by a major uncertainty, you should be flexible and be able to respond accordingly. Failure to do so could mean grave trouble for the institution.

Let Them Know

There are some problems that you can keep at the seams, especially if they’re minor ones that can be easily resolved. However, uncertainties that have an effect so big that they can alter the organization’s regular operation and future direction should definitely be known by everyone involved.

However, letting them know isn’t limited to just informing those who follow you what lies ahead; it’s also about letting them freely express their worries and concerns and assuring them through change and your united efforts, this uncertainty can be just another learning experience.

Nobody can see tomorrow, as well as the uncertainties that come with it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it. After all, uncertainties are one of life’s many opportunities to become a better, greater person or group.

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