Heaven Rules: Stewardship and Accountability

Power, prestige, and possession – three God-given gifts. Contrary to popular belief, a lot people have these three P’s – including you.

The Three P’s

You probably know it and acknowledge it, and that’s good. You probably know it but refuse to admit it, which is wrong; that is deception. You may not even be aware of it and therefore think that you’re not a Three P person; but according to three billion less fortunate people in the world, you are definitely a Three P person.

So, why the sudden preoccupation about you having wealth, influence, and renown? It’s because there’s something you should know, a lesson not limited to those attending evangelical churches in Dubai, but instead applies to everyone who has been entitled with these things.

These are good things God entrusted us with, but the problem is that these things make us full of pride, making us think that they’re ours and that we are the best – only to find out that we have already lost ourselves and that these things we think we own have already owned us. This has happened many times in the past before, even in the Bible.

Hail to the King

Perhaps one of the most popular stories in the Bible would be the story of Nebuchadnezzar, one of the kings of the Babylonian empire. His army conquered Jerusalem, took some of the young men, and raised and trained them under his wing so they can be of service to him. Among them was Daniel.

There came a time when King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. Instead of asking the wise men around him for the interpretation of the dream, he asked them to tell him what his dream was. It proved to be impossible for them, save Daniel, who was able to tell what exactly the dream was about: a very large tree that everyone can see, being decreed by a heavenly messenger to be cut down.

The interpretation of the dream is that King Nebuchadnezzar, who has begun to think highly of himself because of his wealth, power, and influence instead of looking after the poor, will be “cut down”, driven away from the people and live like an animal – literally!

It happened about a year later. Before even King Nebuchadnezzar can claim with his lips that the beauty of the city of Babylon is because of him and him alone, a voice came from heaven and told him that he has been stripped of his authority and fulfilling the meaning of the dream – him living like an animal and eating nothing but grass for seven times.

Learning from Royalty

Only when he raised his sights to the heavens – his admission that his power and authority as king was only leased from God – was his sanity restored. And this is what we should learn from all of this: God is the source of our power, possessions, and prestige. They neither come from us nor are they ours to keep; thinking otherwise because of pride could lead these things to take control of us and us losing ourselves. Remember, we are given these things so that they can be put to good use, especially in serving Him and others.

What we have right now is a temporary stewardship for which we are accountable. We should never use it to look down on people, rather, we should be helping them up.

There are many things God has given us. Some of those things are meant for us to be enjoyed, while some are meant to be used for the betterment of others and the furtherance of God’s kingdom on Earth. And the three P’s – power, prestige, and possession – definitely fall under the latter.

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